The mission of FierceWomen is to connect girls, aged 12-17, with successful women and inspire them through art to pursue the full extent of their dreams. FierceWomen achieves this through representing strong, accomplished, and fierce women in a portrait series and providing a speaking platform for these women to engage with young girls. These young girls are given Vision Books to help them envision their futures through visual art. In a world in which diverse and confident women are grossly underrepresented, especially in the media and visual advertising, FierceWomen aims to fill this gap for young girls by providing positive images of strong, unique women leaders across the country. 


  • Represent successful women from all socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds in portrait art

            ---> Provide a speaking platform for these women to share their stories

  • Inspire young girls to visualize their futures through a vision book that asks questions such as, “Where will you be in 10 years?”

           ---> Allow these girls to use their creativity to answer these questions through visual art within the pages of the book

  • Connect empowered women with like-minded women who wish to give back, and connect them to young women and girls whom they can inspire and empower

Engagement Model:

Individual engagement includes:

1.   Sharing on social media your definition of a Fierce Woman or coming to a speaking event to share your story with young women and girls 

2.   Donating FierceWomen Vision Books to the girls at the youth-serving organizations with which the project is partnering, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters

3.  Participating in the portrait series which represents diverse, professional women in order to help girls envision their futures. Portraits are painted in groups of twelve. Nine out of each group of 12 women in the series are paying the full price which supports the remaining three portraits of amazing women doing work in the nonprofit sector and at lower income levels.

On a partnership level:

  • FierceWomen Project engages with various youth-serving organizations in order to hold speaking events with the girls in these organizations. The project brings together fierce women to share their stories to inspire the girls and expand their sense of what is possible for their futures. It also aims to help them envision their future selves through visually engaging these girls with a portrait series on these fierce women and by providing these girls with vision books - a similar concept to a vision board - which allow them to represent their futures.

Event at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh: