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How to Participate in FierceWomenProject:
STEP ONE: Think of 3 young women or girls in your life: one from your family; one from your place of work, church, community; and one who is the daughter or niece of a close friend.
STEP TWO: Go to and order three FierceWomen Vision Books.
STEP THREE: Give them their books, share your story with them using the FierceWomen questions below, listen to their interests, and help them begin to craft a vision of their "future selves".
And if you’re really feeling ambitious...
What’s YOUR definition of a Fierce Woman?
Tweet your response with the hashtag #FierceWomenProject
Pair up with a friend, grab your smart-phones, and interview each other using some or all of the ten FierceWomen questions listed below. Then post your videos on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you want. Remember, your story and experiences have value, and you never know what young person you could be impacting with your sharing.
The FierceWomen Questions:
- What's your definition of a Fierce Woman?
- What do you love most about your work and life?
- How did you get here?
- What advice do you have for young women and girls who are exploring possibilities for their future?
- What was one of your biggest professional challenges?
- How did you meet that challenge?
- How did you overcome doubts and fears that you may have had early on in your career/life journey?
- What have mentors (formal or informal) meant to you?
- What are the best ways men can demonstrate to young women and girls that they believe in an unlimited future for them, and that they believe in, and value women's leadership?
- Who was a Fierce Woman (historical, literary, pop-culture, or personal) that really made an impact on you?
- What is your vision for the next generation of empowered girls, women's leadership, and men supporting women's leadership?
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